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Dia de las madres

Mother's Day in USA 2020

In the United States Mother’s Day is a public holiday that is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May, i.e. the next May 10, 2020. It is a day to celebrate motherhood and show appreciation for mothers, including grandmothers, stepmothers and other maternal figures and their positive contributions to society.

It’s a party with many traditions. Most people send you cards, make a special dinner or buy a gift from your mother such as flowers, chocolate, candy, clothes, jewelry and treats, such as a beauty treatment or a trip to a spa. Carnations are the most representative flower on this day and restaurants may be busier than usual because many mothers go out for dinner. In the days and weeks before Mother’s Day, many schools help their students prepare a handmade card or a small gift for their mothers.

When is Mother's Day Celebrated in America 2020?

In the USA Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, by the year 2020 it would be May 10

What do you give a mother in America?

Usually in the USA, they give a detail like flowers, chocolates or a dinner to recognize all their precious effort and love from these beautiful women