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Dia de las madres

Mother's Day in Colombia 2020

In Colombia Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May, this year is May 10th, 2020.

For Colombians mother’s day is one of the most important days of the year, it is a day when everyone will seek to pay homage to those women so special and valuable, those beautiful women who with their love help us day by day without expecting anything in return.

In Colombia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and in this year is the 18th. A day when Colombians will look for the best experiences as gifts for their moms.

Mothers' Day in Colombia

Many people celebrate at home by bringing together the family including the grandmothers, and all the mothers of the family group, take advantage of the space for a special lunch, share a cake or some dessert and pay a nice tribute to the mothers with quality time.

Other families prefer to go out to a mall or a restaurant as these places usually on this day have prepared special dishes and decoration to commemorate the date, some have live music that help remember the importance of our mothers in each other’s life.

Mother’s Day will be on May 10, but there will be another celebration, according to Fenalco

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many celebrations, events and special dates in Colombia and around the world have been affected, as isolation at home prohibits going out into the streets and attending meetings with many people or holding mass events.

One of the most anticipated and celebrated days of the year in the country is Mother’s Day, a date when people take advantage of the occasion to meet as a family, go out to restaurants or do different special activities. For obvious reasons, this year families will not be able to go out and will have to celebrate this day at home.

As a result of this, Fenalco confirmed that in the year 2020 in Colombia, there will be two dates to celebrate this day after the National Government authorized them. “This initiative determined by the Ministry (Industry and Commerce) gives us the possibility of having two different scenarios to celebrate mothers”, assured Jaime Cabal, president of the union.

When will the first date of celebration be?

As is traditional in Colombia, on the second Sunday of May (10), the first Mother’s Day celebration will be held in 2020. On this date, families must celebrate at home the product of the Mandatory Preventive Isolation.

Is there already a date for the second Mother’s Day?

Although Fenalco confirmed that there will be a second day of celebration, they did not indicate the exact day on which it will take place, and it is only known that it will be held in the second half of this year.

Those who benefit most from the decision

The industries that will benefit most from this determination, according to the figures provided by Fenalco, are accessories, footwear and clothing, since approximately 97% of people who celebrate this day, invest between 100,000 and 200,000 pesos in gifts.

Messages and phrases for mom

We want you to have at your hand what it takes to congratulate your mom or other mothers, here we have a list of the best phrases for you to share with in your day. you can find it here

Gifts for Mom