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Dia de las madres

Celebrate Mother´s Day

For us Mother’s Day is a very special date and we know that for you too, it is the day we want to honor and celebrate with in the beautiful being that brought us into the world and thank you for all the effort you have made and continue to do for us throughout our lives.

The trade union (Fenalco) said that while Mother’s Day will continue to be celebrated next Sunday, May 10, will be allocated another celebration in the second half, as a measure to mitigate the economic impact that has had the sector during the health emergency by the coronavirus.

Sure you have many questions and want to know more about this beautiful day in our calendar, Mother’s Day is not celebrated the same day in all countries, but varies in each place, we will tell you many curiosities and also other amazing ideas to surprise Mom. Just Keep Reading

 A mother, she’s never alone in her thoughts. A mother always thinks twice, once for herself and once for her child

Sophia Loren

We want you to share with all the mothers around you on this special date, I’m sure you have a lot to thank them, which when very early she would wake up to prepare your breakfast and prepare you to go to school, school or even college and work; Or that time I make you your favorite dessert, that dessert that has no comparison and wherever you go you always remember it as the best dessert in the world and say “there’s no like mom.

Mother’s Day Images

Messages and phrases for mom

We want you to have at your hand what it takes to congratulate your mom or other mothers, here we have a list of the best phrases for you to share with in your day. you can find it here

Questions about Mother’s Day

Why are we celebrating Mother’s Day?

Since ancient Egypt they worshipped the goddess Isis, known as “Great Mother Goddess” and also in ancient Greece they worshipped the goddess Rhea, mother of the gods of Olympus . Catholicism in Europe began to honor the Virgin Mary, but only until December 8, 1854 when Pope Pius IX defined this celebration as the Immaculate Conception. With the passing of time, this celebration grew and acquired an important place in the commemorative dates, being celebrated in almost all parts of the world, at different times.

Gifts for Mom

If you are looking for the ideal Gift for a mother, we have several suggestions that you may here